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Wills & Executries Power of Attorney


It has never been more important for everyone to make a will. New rights are being introduced for co-habiting couples to claim inheritances from their partners? estate if there is no will in place. It is also essential to regularly review your will particularly in a change of your personal circumstances. Executries We can provide assistance to those who require to wind up the financial affairs of someone who has recently passed away. Attending to an Executry can often be a lengthy and complicated process. We can help with all aspects including sale and transfer of heritable property.

Powers of Attorney / Guardianship Orders

Many are unaware of the terms of the Adults With Incapacity (Scotland) Act 2001 and its implications for those wishing to deal with the financial or other matters of friends and relatives. It is important that consideration is given to such matters before an adult becomes incapacitated rather than after the fact. We can provide advice to people in this regard, help to assist those completing a Power of Attorney or Guardianship Order as the case may be and with dealing with the Public Guardians Office. In much the same way as making a Will, matters can often be easier for relatives or others should such matters be given consideration at an early stage.

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